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Quadria Capital thanks you for taking the time to participate in this year’s 2023 AGM and Healthcare Forum.

Our Annual Investors’ Meeting will begin with the Managing Partners’ Review that will detail the firm’s key priorities, Quadria Fund I & II performance, status of Fund III fundraising and our strategic outlook. In addition, you will also hear from Quadria guests and team members on our approach to identify and partner with market leaders, how Quadria Capital drives value creation and our value creation initiatives, the trends shaping our industry, and the meaningful ways our businesses are continuing to create lasting social impact.

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09.00 – 09.45

Managing Partners Review
The Managing Partners will be providing a recap of the key events that had taken place in the past year, including the strong performances of Quadria Capital’s portfolio companies, exciting new investments and exits, as well as the robust pipeline of opportunities.
Abrar Mir, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital
Dr. Amit Varma, Managing Partner, Quadria Capital

09.45 – 10.10

Healthcare – Asia’s Investment Bright Spot
In this presentation, Mr. Karan Singh, Head of APAC Sustainability & Responsibility and Chairman of Bain India, will share his thoughts on key trends and investment opportunities on the Asia healthcare landscape.
Karan Singh, Head of APAC Sustainability & Responsibility and Chairman of Bain India

10.10 – 10.55

Investing in Healthcare Industry Leaders
Quadria Capital’s investment strategy focuses on investing behind great businesses and helping them grow as industry leaders. During this session, you will hear about Quadria Capital’s approach to identifying attractive investment themes and industry leaders, key attributes of industry-leading businesses, and case studies of Quadria Capital’s investments in Straits Orthopaedics and Encube Ethicals.
Joseph Khoo, Quadria Capital (Moderator)
Pratik Kamani, Chief Business Officer, Encube Ethicals
Baliah Marthandam, Chief Operating Officer, Straits Orthopaedics
Wilder Fulford, Straits Orthopaedics Board Member and Quadria Capital Value Optimization Board
Rahul Agarwal, Quadria Capital

11.10 – 11.55

Advancing Deep Social Impact
Quadria Capital invests in healthcare enterprises that generate a positive impact and contribute to accessibility, affordability, and quality of healthcare products and services while promoting awareness for improved health-seeking behaviors. During this session, you will hear about our approach to impact management and measurement and how our investments at Hermina and Maxivision are aligning with our impact goals.
Presentation by Shivani Sahai on Quadria’s proprietary impact monitoring and management framework, Quadria Capital
Quadria Capital Impact Video
Kusi Hornberger, Partner & Global Knowledge Lead, Dalberg Advisors (Moderator)
Aristo Setiawidjaja, Managing Director (CFO), Hermina Hospitals
Dr. GSK Velu, Founder and Chairman, Maxivision
Janice Trinh, Quadria Capital

11.55 – 12.40

Creating Tangible Operational Value
Quadria Capital’s approach to investing is that of a strategic partner and not just a financial investor. We leverage our industry knowledge, operational experience, and extensive network to work side-by-side with portfolio companies and help unlock value. In this session, you will hear about Quadria’s unique approach to tangible value creation along with a case study of our journey with some of the portfolio companies.
Presentation by Shriharsha Sarkar and Abhishek Yadav, Quadria Capital
Abhishek Yadav, Quadria Capital (Moderator)
Kamal Johri, Founder and Managing Director, Nobel Hygiene
Steven Hodge, Quadria Capital Value Optimization Board
Bhasker Iyer, Quadria Capital Value Optimization Board
Shriharsha Sarkar, Quadria Capital

12.40 – 12.55

Looking Forward to the Next Decade
Quadria Capital’s partners will discuss the growth of the platform and how the firm is well-positioned to successfully embark on the next stage of our evolution.
Sunil Thakur, Quadria Capital
Ewan Davis, Quadria Capital

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