private equity in asia

Quadria’s approach to investment is pivoted around using its network, operating experience and investment skills in identifying, investing in and building regional leaders in the Asian healthcare sector.

Quadria’s investment zone revolves around the fast growing healthcare sector in Asia. Over the past decade, the global centre of gravity for healthcare has been shifting to Asia. Asian healthcare continues to exhibit dynamic growth both as a base to serve the global healthcare market and as a market in its own right.

Given the attractive market opportunity and the team’s operating and investing experience in the region, Quadria focuses on creating proprietary investment opportunities, which exhibit attributes of becoming regional leaders and welcome Quadria’s value add to maximise growth and returns.

We believe that the combination of our industry knowledge, investment experience, and operational expertise provides Quadria with an edge in identifying and creating value in investment opportunities. The core of our strategy is to work as “quasi-strategic partners” with the management teams of our portfolio companies and leverage our global network to assist our businesses at strategic and operating levels.

  • Deep Industry Knowledge

  • Largest Dedicated Healthcare Team

  • Active Value-Added Investors

  • Scale Growth Companies

  • Stakeholder Engagement