Quadria capital the world fund for impact investing in healthcare sector


SINGAPORE, 22 December 2016 – Quadria Capital was named a Best for the World Fund by B the Change Media, a gold standard recognition in the field of impact investing. The award recognizes funds that are leaders in the effort to empower businesses that do environmental and social good in the world. Quadria Capital was among the 50 funds globally and the only healthcare-focused fund to achieve this recognition.


Quadria Capital invests in the high-growth healthcare sector of some of the world’s fastest growing economies in South and Southeast Asia. The company has assets under management of over US$1.5 billion and investments in 15 companies across the region. Some of these companies include Medica Synergie, the largest hospital groupin the highly underserved eastern India marketoperating over 1,000 bedsas well as SOHO Global Health, one of Indonesia’s largest integrated pharmaceutical businesses with a distribution network that covers over 70{3163b34706130b4e1cf64e8c1b910e982a843cab25723611cf66e26b48765851} of hospitals and pharmacies in the country.


Quadria Capital’s Managing Partner Abrar Mir said: “We are honoured to be recognised as one of the Best for the World Funds this year. Quadria Capital invests in healthcare businesses in some of the fastest growing markets, characterized by a large demand-supply gap for affordable and quality healthcare services and products. Our investee companies provide high quality healthcare services to over 500,000 patients across South and Southeast Asia, majority of whom are from lower income segments. Our actions, therefore, have a significant positive impact on society and the way that people live their lives.”


Managing Partner Dr Amit Varma added: “Creating positive social impact is integral to our firm. We strive to touch as many lives as possible to improve the healthcare outcomes, to make high quality healthcare affordable and more accessible. We are passionate about improving lives and believe that everyone deserves a chance for a healthy life.”


Quadria Capital adheres to the Global Impact Investing Rating System (GIIRS) and United Nation’s Principles for Responsible Investment as part of its investment philosophy. The company’s strategy of responsible investment is critical to long term, sustainable value creation in the region, and its goals of both ‘doing good’ and ‘doing well’ are not just compatible, but in fact mutually reinforcing. Quadria Capital aims to make a positive, transformational impact in the field of healthcare and channels its efforts through selective investment in companies that demonstrate the ability to create significant impact for its stakeholders including its employees, customers and the connected local communities.


The 50 GIIRS-rated Best for the World Funds account for more than US$3 billion in capital that will be invested in companies across all areas of social and environmental impact.

About Quadria Capital


Quadria Capital is one of Asia’s leading specialist healthcare focused private equity group based in Singapore investing in the high growth healthcare sectors of some of the world’s fastest growing economies in South Asia and Southeast Asia. To date, Quadria Capital has invested in 15 companies across six countries in the region, through three private equity vehicles, and has over US$1.5 billion of managed capital.


Quadria Capital’s key differentiator is its ability to leverage the deep healthcare operating experience and domain expertise of its team to drive tangible value creation at portfolio companies and help them emerge as regional industry leaders. Quadria Capital seeks to make meaningful, positive impact by increasing access to affordable, high quality healthcare to underserved populations that need it the most.


For further information, please visit Quadria’s website at www.quadriacapital.com


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