HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE: Inadequate health facilities at many provincial hospitals leave them unable to cope with patients’ demands. Since 2004, hospitals have increasingly faced chronic overcrowding, with the hospital bed occupancy rate exceeding 100{3163b34706130b4e1cf64e8c1b910e982a843cab25723611cf66e26b48765851}

INVESTMENT CLIMATE: Rising income, increasing health awareness and severe overcrowding at public facilities leading to liberalisation of the sector by the government, point to vast opportunities in private healthcare in Vietnam. The relatively low level of competition in private healthcare also provides the opportunity to create a national leader

CHALLENGES: The public’s preference to seek treatment at public hospitals limits attempts by private sector to build patient volumes. Life sciences sector is dominated by government owned entities and MNCs. Recent reversal of intentions by the state to divest of its stake in these companies, removed the opportunity to invest in high caliber pharmaceutical companies