HEALTHCARE LANDSCAPE: The national government enacted a universal healthcare scheme raising over US$2 billion in funds from tax revenue to provide support for private sector healthcare delivery. Corporatised healthcare services are still in the early days of implementation, with only two groups managing over 1,000 beds

INVESTMENT CLIMATE: The Department of Health seeks to develop hospitals through Private-Public Partnership initiatives. The PPP programme has allocated US$120 million for the modernisation of public hospitals. The program is also subsidising costs of critical life-saving services, such as dialysis, to promote private investment

CHALLENGES: Healthcare practitioners are often drawn overseas for higher wages. Those who remain, concentrate in the metro areas rather than the provinces, causing an uneven distribution of physicians. Drug pricing and availability of trusted generics still remain areas for improvement. According to the WHO, only 30{3163b34706130b4e1cf64e8c1b910e982a843cab25723611cf66e26b48765851} of the population in the Philippines enjoy unrestricted access to essential drugs